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Lotus – C-01 Motorcycle

Lotus – C-01 Motorcycle

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You've likely seen the photos here and elsewhere of the C-01 motorcycle designed by Daniel Simon, built by Holzer Group, powered by KTM.... After two years, the company has unveiled its first prototype the Lotus C-01. It's a sleek, powerful looking bike that is straight out a sci-fi movie (and for good.... The C-01 follows the computer model so closely that it's difficult to tell them apart on a screen, but this Lotus motorcycle is very real, and has perfect craftsmanship.... Want to own this stunning and rare Lotus C-01? Are you in the market for a retro-modern Tron-style motorbike dripping in desirability... well, you.... Media Coverage, Weblinks - Blogs, Lotus has built an amazing motorbike, Lotus' motorcycle debut: the C-01, Aprs Lotus, place Lotus Motorcycles et la C01,.... the lotus C-01 motorcycle combines the most extreme in bike engineering with sophisticated styling typical of the british-automaker. conceived.... The Lotus C-01 looks like no other motorcycle ever made, it's powered by the same 1195cc liquid-cooled 75 V-twin engine used in the KTM.... We especially like the Lotus emblem in the grille. The C-01 is quite rare with a production run of just 100 units, but Mecum believes this one is.... Now, to give equal time to the economic elite who outsource their tuning and cost be damned, here's another bike up for sale: a 2014 Lotus C-01.. Lotus Motorcycles has released the first images of its new C-01 superbike, produced by a collaboration of motorsport veterans. The limited.... British sports and racing car manufacturer, has created a stunning new high tech super-bike in the Lotus C-01. The new Lotus C-01 is a.... Envisioned by the designer of the Tron: Legacy light cycles, this Lotus C-01 is no work of fiction. The Lotus C-01 is one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever created. Just look at it. Marvel at the majesty of this machine. It's stunning. It's also.... The Lotus C-01, as it's called, was sketched by former Bugatti designer Daniel Simon (who is best known in the 2-wheel world for the Tron Legacy.... The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle had 200 hp, weighed just 398 lbs & looked like the future! Eye-popping pictures, specs, history & more.... The Lotus C-01 is a concept motorcycle revealed in 2014. It was manufactured by Kodewa under brand license from Group Lotus. It was designed by Daniel...

The Lotus C-01 is the Hyperbike from the Future. Here's what we know about motorcycles: They go fast, have room for one or two, and if it snows, you're f'ed.. The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle is a perfect example. Designed by Daniel Simon of Bugatti and Tron: Legacy fame, this ultra-limited bike (only 100 are being made).... A rare Lotus C-01 will hit Mecum Monterey 2019 on Saturday, August ... has so far made an appearance on just one motorcycle, which made its.... Long, low and clothed in outrageous carbon-fibre bodywork, the C-01 trumps everything else on the road. Lotus shipped the bike from snow-...


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